Weak Mobile phone signals blowing the battery Android


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So basically the numpties running the O2 network in my town sent out a message about 3 years ago saying they were going to improve the signal and as a result of this work the signal might be affected. I went from 4 bars to 0 and it never went back up. I renewed my contract with them back in November and as signal was ok for internet browsing, surprisingly , I thought it be ok to stay on their network, Now however recently the signal dropped so low I didn't even get 4g at all and the battery level just keeps on going down in rapid amounts of time which I understand is due tot he phone automatically searching for more signals or looking for better stations to connect to. Is there any way of reducing its ability to do this? I realise I may end up not getting phone calls but I lost 30% in the space of one day the other day and it was barely used. I already have background data usage settings turned off. Reduced the level of light and have various apps i power saving mode with dark themes. I also have it in stamina mode to better the battery by reducing its performance.

Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.