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What is Premium Supporter Membership?


Windows Forum Admin
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Premium Supporter
Jul 22, 2005
Premium Membership on Windows7Forums.com is the ultimate show of support for our website. By becoming a Premium Supporter, you receive the following benefits:

• Larger avatar size.
• More upload quota.
• Fewer to no advertisements.
• Larger signature size.
• Access to the Premium Supporter Forum.
• Access to special downloads and promotions, when available.
• Larger number of private messages.
• Member username appears in gold.
• Premium Supporter award is granted.
• Premium Supporters can mark any threads as being Solved or Unsolved from the Thread Tools drop-down

Premium Supporters rank amongst the highest valued members on Windows 7 Forums. You can achieve Premium Supporter status by visiting Paid Subscriptions.
Premium Supporters are members who subscribe to a Windows7Forums.com Premium Subscription plan. They are amongst the most valued members of the Windows 7 Forums community since only donations, subcriptions, and advertising help keep the website strong over a long period of time.
Premium Supporters are currently entitled to the following benefits:

• Premium Supporters have maximum private messaging restrictions lifted.
• Premium Supporters have most attachment filesize upload limitations lifted.
• Premium Supporters gain access to free downloads and promotions when available.
• Premium Supporters can see Social Groups, even if they are not part of the group.
• Premium Supporters can turn their blog into a group blog that anyone can join.
• Premium Supporter accounts will never be deleted even if he/she never posts to the forum.
• Premium Supporters do not see most, if any, advertising on the website at all.
• Premium Supporters names appear in gold on the Who's Online list and in posts.
• Most Premium Supporters become the first choice when dealing with adding members as moderators since they usually have a proven background of helping other users and have shown their willingness to support the website.

Thank you for your interest.