What is your Windows 7 performance index score?

What is your Base Score?

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Base Score = 5.5

ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz = 6.4
Memory (RAM)3.00 GB = 5.5
GraphicsATI Radeon HD 3870 (Prerelease - WDDM 1.1) = 7.9
Gaming graphics1790 MB Total available graphics memory = 6.3
Primary hard disk104GB Free (180GB Total) = 5.9

Hmm interesting enough mine is only a 2.9. This is on a Dual Core 3.16 w/4g RAM running Win7 64bit. Graphics card is a Gforce 8800 GT x 2 (SLI). Whats ironic is my iMac which has a slower processor and only 2g RAM gets a 5.0. Go figure.

Post Your Windows Experience Inde

Here is mine..... It is crappy low because of the 7200rpm HDD as my C drive. Soon to be replaced with either SSD or 15000rpm:D.


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My windows index

Not that hot not that bad : ) View attachment 441

Weridly enough, today i did a clean install from 7048x64 to 7077x64 and now my score has changed. very strange....


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In my lappy running Vista Business, I get 2.5
In my desky running Windows 7 RC 7100, I get 1.0. due to onboard graphics, which driver is not supported.
There is a way to increase the score by changing the values in the XML. And I was told, when the rating increases, some of the feature gets unlocked. dunno if it is true.


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Here's my low WEI score....

Here is mine low score:

Stupid disk:p


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Heres mine--
Lol. Sorry guys, couldn't resist, this is how the retailers will fake it. This is on a crappy 4 year old Laptop.

View attachment 1013

Here's mine

Not much change on it from leaving Vista to load Windows 7 on here

Heres mine--
Lol. Sorry guys, couldn't resist, this is how the retailers will fake it. This is on a crappy 4 year old Laptop.
lol can you change the values in the registry?


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For everyones amusement:
You all may noticed in the Windows Seven if your RAM limit is less than 3GB then your score is always limited to 5.5!!! ( see the xml mentioned below) So whether you have DDR3 RAM or buy cheap cheap, it will not make any difference!
There's a way to hack it:
Go to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\Datastore
and choose the XML file with the latest date, open it with word and change these values:
Change the x.x between the <> and </> to whatever you want (not more than 7.9) .

In the previous folder (Winsat) you will see the movies they use to produce the data.

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my score

my result is amazing
cpu: amd x3 710 6mb L3 5.8
ram: 2x2gb kingston 800 ddr2 7.4
vga: onboard 3200 ati 4.3 grafik 4 gaming
hdd: seagate 500 gb sata 2 -32 mb 5.9

does anyone know why is my ram scoring 7.4 ???

Desktop Specifications

- AMD Phenom X4 2.5Ghz
- 4GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM
- NVIDIA 9800GTX+ 512MB DDR3

IBM Thinkpad T42 Laptop
Intel Pentium M 1.8Ghz
1GB IBM RAM (2x512MB)
80GB 7200RPM Hitachi HD
Windows 7 RC Build 7100

Processor: 3.4
Memory: 4.1
Graphics for Aero: 2.0
Gaming graphics: 3.5
Primary hard Disk: 4.8

Overall Score: 2.0

I tried Vista on this laptop and it was a slow pig. But what a difference with Windows 7. Totally usable, even with the Aero enabled. I'm not going back.


Im using
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm)8450 Triple-Core
Ram : 4G
PCIE Graphic: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
HDD: 860G
OS Build : 7201

Well, after doing another video card swap, I got my overall score to go up. However, it wasn't without any sacrifices. On the bright side, I can actually play games at slightly higher detail settings or get a better frame rate with lower settings. At least I understand that a 4350 isn't necessarily better than a 3650 (600 Mhz core clock vs. 725 Mhz core clock).

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