Windows 10 What Media/Audio/Streaming Software Do You Use?


Hello everyone this is my first real post, I am hoping that I can learn so much from the members of this Forum.
I am very happy to be here.:)

Kind Regards Tippe.:up:

I use for Audio: Foobar2000, Aimp4.
For both Audio & Streaming: Roon, Audirvana & JRMC.
For Video: VLC & Potplayer.
I'm not much of an audio streamer, I do tend to listen to music from YouTube or Sirius XM. Video I mainly use SMPlayer and VLC
Most of my music I listen to originates from my hard-drives, but Streaming Services are nice sometimes.:)
Tidal Hi-Fi & Youtube Premium is great! :up:
I have the most of my music on 1tb+4tb+500gb External drives(seagate) & 99% of my files is in FLAC or ALAC, the rest in MP3 320kbps.
So I mostly listening to that(over 250.000 Files).
But I have a few Streaming Services also: Spotify Premium+Apple Music(Itunes & on Android)+Deezer Hi-Fi+Tidal Hi.Fi & Youtube Premium.
Audio: WMP, old version iTunes
Music Streaming: Apple Music, free Spotify
Video: VLC, WMP, old version iTunes