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Windows 7 What should it be called


Senior Member
May 7, 2007
Hi guys,

Well, there are a few names floating around, Vienna, Seven, etc Windows 7.0. So, I thought I'd ask you, what name do you like the most? Or can you think of a name that they should use?

For myself, Windows 7 sounds fine to me.

Or, perhaps Windows GT. :p
Well, in cars, GT would be "Grand Touring" I believe, but the graphic card companies have used it as a suffix for the cards, such as NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT.

So GT would imply that this version of windows will be faster and better that other versions of Windows.
I think that it is simply impossible for a newer version of windows to be faster than the old ones right at the beginning of the sale,so i voted for Vienna...
Well, if they rewrote Windows from scratch, I think they would be able speed it up quite a bit. Only thing would be that drivers and software wouldn't work unless they have emulation software on it.
Emulation software doesn't sound just that nice,the way i know these programs is very bad...[/align]
True, the best right now, but then again, it hasn't been developed fully imho. Though I would say that the Linux emulator Wine does an adequet job of emulating windows, so with Microsoft backing it, they should be able to make a good one.
Well all i want form new version of windows at its beginning is just the fuctionality and the fact that its more modern...

So the speed is turned down in the second row because i even expect(sadly) that it will be slower,even because the hardware requirement's...