Windows 7 whats a good affordable video card for win 7?


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Jan 26, 2009
right now i have a ati radeon 9100 agp card with 64 mb in my computer now and windows 7 is running ok. Since its a older card I wanna upgrade to a newer card with more memory and more compatibility. Can anybody suggest a good card that will work well with little problems? I don't care if it is ati or nvidia I use both and never had any problems with neither brand. I also do care to much about gameing because i only play a few pc games.
You can get an ATI Radeon HD3450 for about $50 in AGP, or a Geforce 7300 GT for like 70$ in AGP.
They're hard to find, but I'd recommend newegg, as they have most of that kind of stuff.
Right now I have a PCI express NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT 512 MB memory with a performance score of 5.2.

I think Microsoft's a little off on their requirements. You really need a mid to high-end card for true performance.

Like Kyle said, newegg is good, you could also search sites like Pricegrabber, Bizrate, or Pricescan to get the lowest price.
I think he's probably just looking to be able to run Aero and some small games.
a 9100 doesn't have drivers for Vista or Windows 7, so he can only run the basic UI.
I just purchased a his radeon hd 3650 card and installed it. The card runs smoothly, aero is running at full speed and I am able to play the games I do got. There is one problem the color is off becuase I need to use the vga adapter for my regular crt moniter.
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