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Windows 7 what's new in windows 7 build 7068 ?


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Mar 5, 2009
in my comparision between windows 7 build 7057 , i see that the gadget had not changed , save for a new image for the Windows Media Center's.

in build 7068 , we see clearly the CPU meter has gone from analog to digital , and a gadget for laptop battery life , and there are tons of changes in the calendar gadget if you compare it with the old one . Build 7068 was very close to leaking to the public, but I'm sure that this one, or a newer one, will leak before testers get the RC-escrow build next month.

to see these changes ,visit : computer news: what's new in windows 7 build 7068 ?
you can install Starter, Basic, Premium, Professional and Ultimate with this iso. And I have to say I don't see a gadget for battery life and my CPU meter isn't digital either.
um, none of those things have changed. That digital cpu meter is the vista gadget that has been out for years. You can install it by going further into the sidebar gallery on microsoft's site. I'm positive the laptop battery has been there too. You can always do that with the calendar by clicking the icon that looks like an arrow going into a box.

-One change I've noticed atleast on mines is the inability to change Unidentified networks to "home network" from "public network." Because of this you are unable to access the homegroup of any computer on the network.
-short work around is to click on "troubleshoot homegroup" when it does that it'll ask you if you want to make your current network a home network. If there is an easier way please post

-Fixed the bug I was experiencing with Onenote I believe.

-Fixed Now I can see my windows vista computer under network, but the first time I still had to enter the address. But after that it started showing up. My XP computer still doesn't show up.

-Fixed startup desktop.ini bug

-Seems a little slower though but that could just be my mind seeing things or a bad install.
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