Where's my drive

I have done a clean install with Win7 Ultimate onto my WD 150GB Velociraptor drives in a RAID0 configuration. I also have 2 500GB WD Caviar Black drives I am trying to set up in a RAID1. Only problem is when I convert them to RAID using the intel matrix console everything seems to go fine. I recognize them and selected MBR over GPU. Then I go to my computer and the only drive present is the C with the OS installed. What am I doing wrong? Here is my computer setup:
ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 MoBo
intel i7 950
6gb 1866MHz ram
HD5770 X2 in crossfire
BD Burner
850W PSU

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Have you formated the array?
Go to Disk Management and see if the drive is there. It will probably be unallocated space and Windows will not see it until it is formated.

Yes it was there and it was unallocated. I figured out what needed to be done and how to format it after talking with intel on there chat line. He explained to me how the rst worked and that after I created the RAID1 windows say it as a simple drive and when I created the simple drive it was all it needed. Now I have the hardware array and data protection that doing it in disk manager would not have provided for. The guy from intel was really helpful.

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