"Who you gonna call?"

We bought a very brand new Lenova IdeaPad [netbook/tablet] specifically to present our application for judging at the AT&T competition for "Best Mobile App" in the Open category. Because we didn't want too many variables B4 the judging we chose to connect the Lenova Ideapad S10-3t via a Sierra Lightning USB modem and it worked quite well. The IdeaPad, excuse us Apple for discussing a device [not made by you] that bears the letter "I" at the beginning, also connected fine to our Junxion Box Wifi hotspot which is powered by a Sierra Wireless AC881. So the machined works great through the AT&T Communications Manager for direct network connections and Wifi connections.

After the judging was over and we did not win :( , we decided to take our AT&T SIM chip out of the Sierra Lightning USB and put it directly into the SIM slot provided by Lenovo [formerly IBM]. It simply does not connect to the network. We joined Lenovo support and got a lot of mumbo jumbo. They wanted to know every number on the bottom of the ideapad so their staff could mull the issue.

We queried Microsoft official users website, thinking that, since the IdeaPad was running Windows 7 Starter edition they might have some special insights. Nothing!

We tried a lot of ways to get help from our friends at AT&T. After all we had gone through this fire drill because they chose our application to be shown in their Semi-finals at the CTIA show. We figured with the iPads now selling that they would be hip to connecting mobile devices bigger than an iPhone. AT&T gave us the biggest runaround imaginable. They "know nothing"! And we got them to send the chat transcript admitting they "know nothing" to us if anybody is interested.

So "Who you gonna call?" when all the responsible manufacturers are hiding for their various corporate reasons? We're calling the one place that seems to get real answers that work.

So how can we directly connect our Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t to AT&T?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bob Kiger - author/architect - Videography Lab

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