Wi-Fi Keeps Trying to Switch Between Connections

For some odd reason, just recently when I'm trying to play some online games on my computer at home every 5+ minutes my Wi-Fi will automatically DC from my home router for seemingly no reason at all. When I try to trouble shoot it says something's missing (can't remember what it said). Then when I try to reconnect manually my router isn't even there. I have to wait for it to come back (and I never really know when it actually will). The laptop I'm using is a Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series. Someone please tell me how I can fix this. It's really starting to frustrate me!


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Well I would start by connecting a second device to the wireless such as a smartphone. Verify that stays connected to the router when the computer drops off. This way you can rule out the router.
Next when your wireless drops verify your wireless network adapter is enabled (Windows key + x) > Network Connections your wireless should say Enabled and have the name of your router's SSID.


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There is another check you can do. Go to Network Centre, right click on you wireless connection to go to the settings. In next screen click on Properties of Wireless network. In next screen look under tab Connection, there is an option "Search for other networks for while being connected to this network". This option should NOT be checked.

Btw, I am on a non English Windows version, you are likely to see not exactly the same, sorry

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It is an issue with the driver for the Wifi card for the Dell Insperion series. I had the same issue with my dell, tried everything, but still kept on loosing connection or the speed would drop to 1 MBps. Was very frustrating.
So try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wifi drivers. Dell uses 2-3 kinds of Wifi chips, so make sure you download and install the right drivers.
2) In the Wifi Adapter settings, make sure you are configured for the 2.4 GHz only, sometimes the dual 2.4/5.0 will make your adapter go nuts.
3) On the router also, make sure that it is just one of the frequencies that the router operates on. Only latest AC routers are capable of really running both the 2.4 &5.0 spectrum's at the same time without any issues. If you have a smart phone download the app "Network MM" and see what the strength if the network is at different points in your house.Move the antennas of the router in different directions to see if that makes any difference.
4) If all else fails, the Aukey Brand has this small USB dongle for the AC Router specs, It is awesome and you dont even realize that it is there.
I had to use the Aukey, as all else had failed, and my connection is rock solid now, plus where I used to get 8-10MBps actual thruput(even if it showed 150MBps) now I really get 30-40 MBPS actual thruput.
Try all these and let us know .

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