Wifi Dropout on file streaming


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While listening to MP3's across a wireless network I get constant pauses. I think it's also affecting video files, but obviously harder to tell with caching.

Both machines are running 64 bit 7100. the wireless card on laptop is 4965AGN.

I have tried turning N mode off, adjusted all wireless card settings back and forth. Turned off ivp6 and changed to a static IP.

the network just drops out while streaming the file.. I've also tried using winamp, still lags. Adjusting the buffering in media player doesn't help either.

Arrrrrg. Help? or does XP finally win?


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Resolved (for now?)

I reinstalled the wireless drivers and it seems to be working ok.. let's hope...


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No Joy...

Well i feel like I'm talking to myself here, but at least there'll be a record for when I run scraming into the streets and attack people ninja style with Windows 7 Install disks...

MP3's seem to be playing ok now, but video files are skipping a lot. I get about 2.5 to 3,8 Mbps when transfering a file, so why the hell can't it cache a decent amount in media player to run smoothly.

Does anyone know if the network cache option actually does anything? you'd think that upping it to 30 seconds would have some affect... or is it just for web streaming?

If so, does anyone know how to increase the actual buffer size used by media player???

occours to me that if I can transfer the whole show in under a minute then I should be able to watch it across the network without it stopping every few minutes.