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Windows 7 Will the beta & final version of 7 have more features???


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Nov 3, 2008
Will the beta & final version of Windows 7 have more features compared to Build 6801 apart from super bar???
Placing here a single which I got from the net while surfing about the features of 7, if u find then post it...
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What do you all think??
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Yep, it will. Part of why a lot of features are missing is because unless a feature is complete, it is not added to Win7, which means they can ship it whenever they want to. So, by the time the betas come out sometime next year, we should see a much more complete feature set.
I attended our local meeting and I got my free copy.
I don't think the "features" are, so far, particularly mind blowing. In fact, being a performance/customisation freak, I see the two or three mentioned features on that link as immediate uninstalls!
As I understand, from the reading so far available, Windows 7 will, in fact, in one direction, have less "add-ons" than Vista. Not sure at this stage whether it is to make a slicker OS or to make more money, as Seattle say that several of the add-ons will be available for download if the user requires them (Buy or free?)
I am really interested in seeing how Azure and .Net 4 pan out. I WANT NEW TOOLS!!! I like gadgets, and getting my company to upgrade to Visual Studio 2009/2010 Maybe FUN! GIVE ME MY .NET 4 TOOLS!!!! Do they have a beta or release for the next Visual Studio....that would be cool.