Win 7 HD Near-constant periodic 100% write usage

On a vanilla Gateway PC with 6GB RAM (50%), 500GB available disk space, the HD has started showing a very periodic 100% write usage (~12 sec on, 1 sec off). The Read usage is quite normal. This makes the system extremely slow. Resource Monitor reports many processes with PID 4, but none seem to change their activity with the write busy cycle. The Write busy cycle will occasionally change when I start a copy to a network drive. the process with the highest write usage is ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\Windows/edb.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Guys i also have a problem with PID 4 process, its uploading a minimum of 10 gig of data per day and downloading about 1 gig, my usage has reached above 100gig in half a month, scanned the computer but nothing has been detected. also tried to kill the process in tasklist but said access denied, used netbalancer to check my uploads and downloads, see image attached, this was captured in less than an hour. any help please, I am using windows 7



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Is it part of some cloud service?


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Use process explorer to view what hosts it's connecting to so you can get some idea of what it is.

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