Win 7 Pro Unstable 10 year old Mobo - Will microsoft allow me to' replace' MB ?

Just bought W7 OEM pro for an old 1990 XP Pro MSI/Barton computer(bad idea), as soon as I install W7 the system goes haywire(clean install), totally unstable unpredictable, no one issue to put a finger on, hangs, blue screens, usb-irq conflicts, corrupt drivers & installations, ive seen blue screens of dozen different varieties. Reinstalled it at least 5 times. The only solution I could find was to turn the FSB down to 100, barton reports as an 1100 Mhz, but at least the system is stable, yet unusably slow slow slow. Im at the end of my rope, input weeks into this, concluded that it just wont work 'acceptably' on this system. So of coarse I want to buy a new MB, except none of theses parts are transferable to a 'modern equivalent' , everything has to be replaced; MB,RAM,CPU,VC.

Did I just buy a 200 dollar usless shinny non transferable microsoft W7 dvd?
Havent called them yet, or purchased any new parts.

Barton 2500
3x1GB Crucial DDR400
KT74V-L v1.1


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Hit Win + Pause and bottom of window. Is it activated?
I'd say go ahead and build system and then it may pop a box you have to phone them. Explain that you are transferring because of all the trouble and they might go ahead.

Activated unfortunately , in hindsight I wish I hadn't chosen that install option "automaticly activate" after installation. I would have put it aside for later use on a new computer. I guess all I can do is try, I'll update the thread when I get their answer :) thx.

You must be wrong about the 1990 date because that computer holding 3GB RAM and even XP did not exist then. Anyhow, post the crash dumps and I'll set you up well. C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder. Zip them then attach the zip here to a post.

Sorry yes typo, 1999-2001, about 10 years old.

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