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Jan 15, 2009
I no longer have a listing "Programs" in my Start menu. All I have is "All Programs". This just happened. Any help?
All Programs is where you will find your programs within it. I dont know exactly what you mean by "Programs" but that is how it has been for a while.
When you click on the Start menu there are two (2) headings which should appear in the left column. They are "Programs" and "All Programs". Well my "Programs" heading did not appear. It seems to have gotten lost somehow. I was asking if someone knew how to recover it? I don't believe you understood what I was asking. I would appreciate if someone can help me on this. Thank you.
what's that "programs" section supposed to contain? the only thing I could imagine is the "last used programs" list above the "all programs" button. is that what you mean? is it empty?
that's the only two things your left column should contain. a list of programs and below that the "all programs" button.
There is no programs portion of the start menu that you are talking about. There is the all programs and then above that is recent programs portion and above that you can pin programs to the start bar.
Maybe he's thinking about "Accessories" or " Administrative Tools" which contain programs ??
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