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    Two questions about Win7, if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

    Just bought a laptop for 3 boys to share, as their old one was so out of date & bogged down.

    One of the boys, I found, goes to sites he shouldn't (need I say which type?) & it totally messes up the OS!! Before he can start messing up this new one, Q1. is anyone aware of something I can use (preferably free) to block his ability to go to these sites & ruin the lap top?


    The laptop came with some sort of version of Office which allows a few start ups, before requiring a license. I've never seen Office, work this way (I'm old school.. buy disks which include a license, & load it lol).

    Q2. Where do you purchase simply the license? & they only need Word, for school. Can we buy just Word?

    Thanks ahead of time for any information you can provide!
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    For FREE use K-9 Web Protection K9 Web Protection - Free Internet Filter and Parental Control Software | Free Internet Filtering and Parental Controls Software or OpenDns OpenDNS | Internet Navigation And Security.

    OpenDns needs a lot more work, but if you know what your doing, it can be the best solution. However to BLOCK websites you need to make and account, email and user, its not fake or harmful, its a perfect solution to BLOCK unwanted websites, OpenDns only BLOCKS Phishing Websites, like i said, you need to make and account to BLOCK websites you want BLOCKED.

    K-9 Web Protection needs less work, apart from choosing the filtering settings, and that's about it. However with K-9 you have to give them your email address to retrieve your FREE code. Simple. To use the SETTINGS you must enter the Correct Admin Password (which obviously, you make one up). It has Un-installing Protection, so you must enter the correct password to Un-install it.

    About Office, you should get instructions on how to purchase a license when your trial runs out. To find out more about it now:

    If it's an older version of Office:
    If it's a newer one:

    Or you should be able to purchase a license from your local computer dealer.
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