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Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by Mike, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Some people live and die by benchmarks, while others don't care in the slightest. As hardware has, arguably, outpaced software development, it has not become a major issue for many new computer owners. But this gentleman has claimed to have taken a look versus Windows 7:

    And here:

    Admittedly, the Windows 10 operating system is incomplete. But, I'd say if it can match Windows 7, an operating system that is five years old, that is not bad. Have you seen any benchmarks anywhere and what do you think about the performance comparison?
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    I've maintained for a long time that hardware advances in the past 5-7 years or so have made the need to upgrade the OS less important. Besides the interface of Windows 8 I think that was also a factor in the poor reception of Windows 8. Upgrading a good running Windows 7 machine gained average users very little. Testing Windows 10 against Windows 7 is also interesting considering all of the Windows updates.
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    Oh Well. It looks like they are following the Microsoft trend (?) to totally by pass Windows 8, which I still think highly of. I certainly have mine outpacing Windows 7,
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    The first video is a game an any copy of windows after vista is (by design) going to sit in the background and shut up while a game is running so you could have window 7 or 8 and 10 without making any difference--- even the guy whom posted it admits that there is no difference between the results but I don’t think he understands why that is. This does show how the system runs the game and is only useful as a benchmark of the system i.e. any copy of windows will give the same result so this is not a benchmark of the different between the os.

    The second video has more value and nicely shows how windows 7 can only complete with windows 8 (or 10) if it has been heavily tweaked--- again I don’t think that was the impression they wanted to make but it does help people see the difference.

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