Windows 10 windows 11 keeps reinstalling after downgrading back to 10


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I updated to windows 11 last week when i got a popup on my windows 10 laptop. As soon as the installation was finished i regretted doing so and wanted to go back to 10. Luckily there is an option to do so in the settings so within minutes the laptop was back to the familiar windows 10 installation, everything exactly as it was right before installing 11. Dindn't lose any files, apps or settings. However, windows 11 is still downloaded and waiting to be installed. Windows keeps telling me to update while the only update i have is windows 11. When i go to shut down it gives me the option to update or shut down without updating. This way i can keep using windows 10 but i wont be able to get any future windows 10 updates which will become a problem i assume.

Is there a way to remove the windows 11 download so it stops trying to install it? Preferably without any loss of files and apps. The laptop is brand new and i plan to use it until well after windows 10 support stops (2025 i heard) so i guess i'll have to update evenually but not sooner than nescessary.

I've tried rebooting without updating, tried reinstalling 11 and downgrading again but no change so far. Windows update in settings only gives me the 'upgrade to windows 11' option which is waiting for a reboot.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
I believe this may help:

If not, attempting to refresh the OS is the best option i think (Reset, and keep files) as I don’t believe it will go away otherwise.

Unless someone else has more information on this? I’m not very familiar with the bugs coming from w11 rollbacks. :)
Go into your Bios. Under Advanced Settings disable your TPM. That should stop it from updating Win 11.