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Nov 11, 2008
Well, according to a post from SoLoR, who has been more accurate than anyone up to this point, the Win 7 team has reached a milestone, and have jumped build numbers up to 7105. The build string is 6.1.7105.0.winmain.090404-1235.

As I said, and most of you probably know already, SoLoR seems to be in the know about these things, and I would not be surprised if 7105 is either the RC build, or an RTM branch build. With the news that Microsoft is about to make a major announcement about Windows 7, I think that we may see the official W7RC release on April 10th. If not, I'm sure we will see a leak between now and the supposed May release date.
Hi all

I don't usually get too interested in these until they are available (from the usual places).

However the provenance of THIS build seems a little better than most "rumoured" builds. However it appears to be the 32 bit version only. ISO size is about right for the X-86 version.

6.1.7105.0.090404-1235_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GB1CULFRER_EN_DVD. Size of ISO is 2.58GB.

I'm not interested in any more of the X-86 builds any more -- even on an older laptoptop 1GB RAM only (dual core t5550) the 64 bit version of W7 runs quite nicely. I'd only use the X-86 stuff for computers that don't have a 64 bit CPU. System paging etc will run better in any case as you don't need any "address translation" in the kernel. 64 bit operation can use a "Linear address space" i.e numbers 0 --->whatever sequentially.

The 32 bit systems on a 64 bit core will break the address bits down to an adress chunk and chunks with a prefix chunk ( rather like area code and telephone number). This means theoretically more instructions in the CPU are being used to handle this -- even when you only have "1" chunk address bit. (Note also of course the same holds true for "Virtual Memory" ( that's the system paging area which CAN have addresses > 4GB even in a 32 bit system). This "generated" address has to be translated into an actual hardware address as well.

On a 64 bit machine there can be a "One to One" mapping between Virtual Address and Real address -- saving CPU cycles etc. Of course if you run more applications thatn fit into memory paging will occur but in this case the adress translations are STILL simpler.

Note in this context Virtual MEMORY means the adresses assigned to the application by the OS in running the application - Not a VIRTUAL MACHINE which is something else. OS'es actually use their REAL MEMORY very efficiently and quite sparingly.

As system paging is on "Slow disk" compatred with fast RAM you can expect the translations to take longer as well). Note of course for actual program execution the "Virtual Memory" address or system paging memory has to be fetched and moved into REAL memory so again Adress translation here. Same with programs or applications being "Paged out" - those applications which are waiting for input etc.

As you all know once you try and run too many applications on a low memory machine you'll see the Disk light hard on -- system is doing too much paging. (another topic BTW).

OT to the original post -- but unless you MUST use a 32 bit system (hardware incompatable, some programs just won't work on the 32 bit version) it doesn't make much sense using the 32 bit OS any more so even if this build IS leaked soon why use it.

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I don't believe there's a real leak of this at this time, as it's not showing up on any high end pre channels or on my private ftp's internal list.

However; I can confirm that build 7105 is real, and is NOT the current build. They're actually above 7110 as of 6pm EST today.
Hi there
This blog from MSDN looks like 7100 will be the official RC.

There's also info on "Upgrade" options -- the default option won't allow you to "Upgrade" from later builds to the RC but the article shows a legitimate ("not hacked, key-genned etc etc) meythod of how to bypass the version check so you can do the upgrade.

Engineering Windows 7 : Delivering a quality upgrade experience

I'm hearing 7100 as well for RC.
Seems like MS likes round numbers this time around.
I am highly curious as to what build number may or may not get leaked on or around april 10th. But i am more curious as to what build number the offical RC will be in may??????????????? Any ideas....
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