Windows 7 Windows 7 compatibility with Mobile Intel(R) 915GM_GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family?


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I using Dell Inspiron 6000
P M 1.73 GHz , 2 GB ram, with Mobile Intel(R) 915GM_GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family
I want to know, if I can install Windows 7 or not?
And, can I use the Aero appearence? I mean those see-through visual effect... peek...those function.

Can anyone please answer me
thank you!:)
In the start menu search box type find and fix problems with transparency. That will go through a thing and turn on aero if it can. I have the XPSM120 and it works fine for me.
My dell B130 uses the same chipset(with a 1.7ghz Pentium M and 1.5gb ram), and I have never been able to use aero in Vista(thats why I bought Vista business) or in Windows 7. I followed the search advice above and Windows 7 tells me that my video driver doesn't support aero and to get an updated one from the manufacture.

What driver are all of you using?

I had no issues with Vista, but I have had a few lockups with windows 7 which seem to be video related: when trying to run the system rating and when trying to watch a video online in fullscreen.
Device Manager

I got a Dell Lattitude 110L

An oldie with 1.25 gb ram

I used Xp to Vista & now Window 7 beta

Runs good, but got one problem > a Video driver.

I got all my Xp drivers back-up, work smooth on Vista, but the Video driver is tricky.

tried to iinstall it several times, compatability mode, windows update etc.

it's installed, but not properly working.

It's the Device manger

Under DisplayAdapters it show 2 times the driver . Strange or not?

Mobile Intel(R) 915GM_GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family

and under Monitor

3 Times

Generic PnP Monitor

It's the driver, but there aren't updates anymore.

When I view Hardwarre & Devices > it shows

Under Devices a Laptop (with the/my username) & 3 Monitor screens with a combination of numbers & letters.

Any Advise or Solution?



I've also installed Windows 7 and my note's chipset is the Intel(R) 915GM_GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family.

Everything has been working fine, except the video, as you have posted. When I try to open a movie .avi or something, the media player classic (K-lite codecs....) opens and everything crashes. No mouse, no keyboard, nothing.....

How can I fix it? Disabling the 3D hardware acceleration? How? I did not find the checkbox to uncheck it.

Please, could anyone give a tip?

Thanks in advance!!

Sylvio, :)
Have you seen this one?

An update is available for Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player in Windows 7 Beta. This update addresses some issues with Windows Media Center playback, recording, and MP3 file support in Windows.

An update is available for Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player in Windows 7 Beta

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Link Removed due to 404 Error

try also KM player or Jetaudio player

I download a new driver from the intel site, but still it works not perfect.

Download Software, Drivers and Utilities Laptop or Desktop

I had already installed that update......

The problem not only affect videos files but also the fullscreen youtube's video and msn 9. Speaking about the msn 9, if I open it by clicking on the icon, the software works fine. However, if I set it to start up on the initialization, it crashes all the windows as exactly as happens in videos files....

Thanks Scarabae.... but still the same...
I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with an Intel 915 chip, and have been having the same problems listed here. Any time I use something hardware related, the computer freezes up and refuses to respond to mouse or keyboard. As a workaround to full screen flash videos you can disable hardware acceleration by right clicking and then going to settings, but I have not found a way to get my computer's experience index base score. I also noticed that when running a 3D first person shooter game I get about 45 - 50 fps in XP, while I only get 2 fps in Windows 7 (I think all the graphics are running under the CPU). I would appriciate anyone's help with this.
Scarabae, I have the same problem no matter what I do. I have tried reinstalling the driver, and installing an older driver, without any luck.
Freeze Problem "Workaround"

Hi everybody,
I have a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P1510 with Mobile Intel(R) 915GM_GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family.
In W7 I face the "freezing problem" as described above, whenever I start a video (WMP, Media Player Classic). The only "workaround", that I found, is to deinstall the video drivers in the device manager and to restart. After that the video playback works without freezing, but the system does not find any external monitors anymore!!!
So until now I only have the choice to either watch videos, OR work on an external screen!
Please let me know if anybody else finds a real workaround/solution ...
A Solution to play AVI files without Freezing

(Found this by Google)

Hi guys,

You can play with Hardvare Acceleration of your video adapter (right-click on the desktop,
then: Screen Resolution-Advanced Settings-Troubleshoot-Change Settings).
If you slide the button on the slidebar to the second position from he left that sais “Disable all DirectDraw and 3D Accelerations…” or disable completely hardware acceleration (position None to the left),
the freezing when you play video will stop.
Pay attention to the text at the bottom of the Display Adapter Troubleshooter window, text changes when you slide the button!
The video quality will not be that great, but at least you will have a stable system and you will be able to play most of the stuff.

I hope this helps, for me it does :cool:

I hope Intel or MS has soon a Good (drivers) Solution (maybe in the RTM version)

It works! You are my hero! ;-) (Works best with Media Player Classic)

Now I am getting a little bit jaunty:
Has anyone of you managed to play files in the Media Center?
Does not work in my case. Or am I just missing a codec?

All the best,

Yippie!!! Thanks Scarabae for the fix. I, too, have the Intel graphics card. My system crashed every time I tried to switch to full screen while watching Hulu videos."Lost in Space" and all the other old TV shows will be much more enjoyable now.

Glad his works for you all

also found this


Scarabae's fix works well, for some reason the drivers just can't play video normally withou disabling acceleration. It is actually in the release notes that it doesn't work, but no one actually reads them :razz:. I ended up installing another graphics card. While I did use the integrated graphics though and video in WMP didn't work, video worked in VLC Media player (the best media player), so I just got around it using that.
Video drivers

Systems which use XDDM drivers may completely stop responding in certain scenarios. The computer will not respond to CTRL+ALT+DELETE and you will have to cycle the power to restart the computer, with the attendant risk of loss of unsaved data.
Some activities which have been demonstrated to trigger this issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Using Winsat.exe or using the Rate and improve your computer’s performance tool.
  • Changing multi-monitor configurations
  • DVD or other video playback
To avoid this, do not use XDDM drivers, but find an appropriate WDDM driver instead. If your video chipset does not have a WDDM driver (such as the Intel 915), use a VGA driver or an GPU that supports WDDM drivers.
If this issue occurs at setup, either avoid unattended setup or uninstall the XDDM driver and use a VGA driver until setup is complete.
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