Windows 7 Family Pack gets priced

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    By Tim Conneally, Betanews

    Microsoft has placed a $149.99 price tag on the Windows 7 Family Pack, which lets as many as three PCs in a single household upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium edition. Users in Canada will pay $199.99. [​IMG]

    Microsoft's official blogger Brandon LeBlanc confirmed the three-license pack last week, but did not include the price.

    "We have heard a lot of feedback from beta testers and enthusiasts over the last 3 years that we need a better solution for homes with multiple PCs," LeBlanc wrote. "I'm happy to confirm that we will indeed be offering a family pack of Windows 7 Home Premium (in select markets) which will allow installation on up to 3 PCs."

    Prior to LeBlanc's announcement, the three-license pack was rumored due to terms discovered in a leaked version of Windows 7 Home Premium Edition.

    The Windows 7 Family Pack will be available on October 22, the same day the OS is released to the public.

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    Ain't bad, $100 for one - $150 for three. That's a no-brainer for home networks.

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