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Lets hear what everyone thinks of the new windows 7 Beta?

i love it, i have no problems on it. Everything is going great, except making a online game server, buts no matter. I comment to people from my job, and they are freaking out, they are afraid to get the new W7 release, because they will think is going to be like vista. but hell, i prefer this than XP lol and i have never used vista.



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It is much better than Vista.


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My initial impression of Windows 7 is that it is that beta 1 is much too much like Vista. It does seem to be significantly improved over Vista in many ways but not improved in other ways. My Windows Home Server thinks it is Vista Ultimate. (Maybe there is a message there.) It does not appear to be any more stable than Vista, It has several software and hardware incompatabilities that don't exist even with Vista. The file system is not improved. The taskbar, however, is an improvement.

If Windows 7 beta 1 were the final version to go to retail market as is, I would not buy it to replace Windows XP. I'm sorry, Guy's & Gals, but that is my story and I hope I don't have to stick to it.

i don't think the windows 7 build 7000 could be the release, theres to many time for que final release, more changes and more compatibilitys.

/sorry for my bad english :p

I love Windows 7 Beta. I have it installed on all 3 of my home PC's and have had no problems at all with it. Runs all my apps perfectly. It's a HUGE performance increase over XP and Vista! :) I truly believe Microsoft has done it right this time around.. I can't wait for the RC and RTM now!!! :) The countdown begins.. ;)

I hope, PRAY, that they actually USE the feedback that they're forcing everyone to
send, and take like the 2 months between when the beta stops working and when
windows 7 is actually released and fix the bugs. If they actually fix the bugs that
people using the beta say, "here, this is what's wrong with windows 7, can you please
fix it?" dear lord, i'd have babies with windows 7 then.
but they probably won't fix any of those errors..which is sad. and then in like 3 months
they'll release a glorious service pack to fix everyone's problems..sigh.


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Best thing MS ever produced and still not a full RC. Vista was ok but I find win7 faster and gobbles up far few resources . WinXP was good in its day but the look is dated . Xp and Vista did not work very well till MS bought out service packs to address issues .
Win7 rocks even without service packs or even being available to buy ! Strange daze :eek:


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Getting twiddle thumbs syndrome .. need a fresh build of windows 7. Gota be the real thing man :cool:

As you can see by my picture long wait last time:D

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