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A set of icons I made when I first got Windows 7 as an experiment in being able to see the full Album or Film cover.
I then decided to go with the glass effect (Vista) folders and so dropped this project.

I'd originally posted these elsewhere and subsequently forgot all about them, but now they've been "re-invented" I thought I'd post the originals.

The zip file contains the imageres numbered icons they replace and the PNG files.

Most people however will want to stay with the original yellow folder icons, in which case you would only need to replace the #6 icon (clear front, bottom left in image above).

The icons contain the full size range of 256sq, 64sq, 48sq, 32sq, 24sq + 16sq and will work in 64 and 32 bit systems (64 bit systems have two imageres files to amend, one in System32, the other in SysWOW64).

If you need any help swapping out your icons, feel free to contact.

Downloadable at dA or MediaFire

I've now also uploaded to dA the clear front for the Aero Glass styled folders to here. All the other folder bits and pieces I've built up are available through my dA gallery

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Please note MediaFire link is now dead..

I'm trying to consolidate all uploads down to one only. Easier for updating/keeping track of things.

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