Windows 7 Windows 7 Home Premium beta released to testers


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Windows 7 Home Premium beta released to testers

A trusted source has indicated that Microsoft has released Windows 7 Home Premium beta to a select group of 1000 users to get a firsthand look at the next major release of Windows.

The Home Premium beta comes listed with an assortment of features, few less than the public release of Windows 7 due on Friday to everybody, mentioned in tonight's annual CES keynote.

The Home Premium is a perfect suit for home users, with a cheaper price tag, compared with Vista Home Premium, to Vista Ultimate, and a few less built in programs, that are only available to the full version. The upgrade program, also available to users who wish to upgrade from Home Premium, is the main focus of this specialised Beta

Windows 7 is to be the next major release of its Operating system, Windows. No official release date has been set for Windows 7, but many speculate to see it as early as the 2009 holiday season. The build version matches that of the Public Windows 7 beta, Windows 7 Beta Build 6.1.7000