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Howard Rippiner

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Aug 17, 2015
I've just installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my HP-Mini 210-4120ea Netbook (new in 2012) in place of the HP-version of Windows 7 Starter. Everything is now OK, apart from the ability of the Windows Image Creation tool. Even though there is 100GB+ available on the connected external drive, I get a Microsoft error message when I try to create an image: "There is not enough disk space to create the volume shadow copy on the storage location. make sure that, for all volumes to be backed up, the minimum required disk space for shadow copy creation is available. This applies to both the backup storage destination and volumes included in the backup....At t least 1 gigabyte of free disk space on each volume if volume size is more than 1 gigabyte. (0x080780119)."

I have no problem (fortunately) making an image with O&O's image creation software. How can I fix this Microsoft tool to work as intended?
Windows Image Creation tool

The Windows 7 imaging tool was a very basic (20 year old) product;
  • Very slow (4-6 hours +),
  • Can only restore an image to a target disk that is the same size or larger… I assume your backup drive is a different type or format?
  • Destroys all partitions on the target disk, not just the System partition… then will blue screen more often than it works!

p.s, I use Acronis but there are several free 3rd party options that work for personal consumption.
Thanks for the reply ussnorway. I use Acronis on my faster desktop PC. On my HP Mini I have the German O&O DiskImage (paid-for) and the free Reflect, both of which create images OK. The funny thing is than when I had Windows 7 Starter on the PC, the Microsoft Image Creation tool in that worked OK on the same external disk that I'm using now.

It's no 'big deal' that it doesn't work - I'm sure O&O does a better job anyway - I'm just curious as to why it spits out an error message when I try to use it.
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