Windows 7 is holding on to memory even after an application exits


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I am running a software, which apparently is not freeing the allocated memory at exit. However, the memory is not made available by Windows after the application exits. It takes almost 10 minutes before the memory shows up under the available. I am running this program for multiple iterations in batch and all 24 GB are used up within 10 iterations of running this program. I have tested the same progrom on XP and the memory is freed right away.

Does anyone know what is causing this? Is there any command that can be used to tell Windows 7 to make the memory available right away.

I have confirmed that the memory is not available using the resource monitor.

Any help/direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Welcome rct,

What's the software?


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MSC Nastran. It is an engineering finite element analysis software.


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An update to the thread. I just noticed that after about two hours, now I have the jobs running and I have the right amount of memory available as what I would expect. This is after about 200 runs. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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