Windows 7 Windows 7 Lite help!


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I was booting my USB for install windows 7 in a laptop, i have 2 laptops, a 2016 - 2019 one and 2006 one, in my 2006 laptop i can install windows 7 it let me do it in gpt and MBR, is a Dell laptop, but the 2016 - 19 one don't let me install it, in MBR, it says a error in a file in boot, Microsoft, boot, bcd, and in gpt directly does nothing.

I need help because I try with windows 7 ultimate full and the same error happens.

It's because my 2016 - 19 laptop it's bad with 4gb ram Intel UHD 600 and 2 cores processor

Edit: I forgot to say that I have Fedora Linux with grub