Windows 7 mail client


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Does Windows Mail survive from Vista to live on in Windows 7? I do hope not!


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You need to use another mail client - no great loss.


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I see Outlook Express offered as a download but says for XP and earlier. I liked OE. Would it run under Windows 7 do you believe?

You'll be installing MS Office anyway, you'll get office outlook anyway. But I think having Windows 7 mail would be good despite all.


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Windows LIve, including the new mail client and some other prograsms, is the (free) replacement for Windows Mail


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Actually, as posted by jimbo45 some time ago..............

As long as you have a Vista machine, you can copy the contents of the C:\program Files\Windows Mail directory from the Vista machine and replace the files in the C:\Program Files\Windows Mail directory in Windows 7.

You'll need a program called ]Unlocker1.87 to delete the files on the Windows 7 machine.

Otherwise I'd recommend the open source thunderbird 2.0 e-mail client

I think its sad windows 7 lacks a built in mail system, though it will encourage people to move to web mail more, this will make moving to new systems after windows 7 less of a nightmare.

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