Windows 7 : Multiple Network Adapters


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Greetings.... as a first timer in this forum, I trust I'm in the right place.... This issue is a little complicated so I will try to be quick about it. We utilize a virtual network adapter along with a Sprint broadband adapter which communicates on an EVDO-A platform for a mobile computing system (public safety). By itself, Win7 functions fine when accessing the broadband network. However, problems arise when we introduce the virtual network adapter which provides access to a secure network. Initially the VNA works fine until the modem for the broadband drops out (dead zone, power outage) then "internet access" is denied to the VNA upon restoral of services. This "no internet access" indication is persistent until we power down the modem, and reboot the workstation.... this loss of network access for a first responder utilizing this mobile computer system can be quite troublesome to say the least. After many hours of troubleshooting, we are convinced that the problem lies with Win7 and not any other of the components.... as we certainly do not have this problem in an XP environment... as a side note... this issue of having a network connection but "No Internet Access" on behalf of Win7 is a little "crazy."