Windows 7 Windows 7 on an external HD??


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I have a MacBook Pro computer and recently I purchased a 1TB Western Digital MyBook USB/Firewire external HD...I know there is a way to do this but not exactly sure how, how do i make it so the Windows installer will let me put Windows 7 on to a partition on the external disk?
I don't exactly know but its complicated. You have to do somethink to first allow to install to the drive and then allow for it to boot from it.

Also it will be slow. Its not as fast as the normal hard drive connecter. If you are using usb 1.1 then don't bother.

Use usb 2.0 if you want good but not perfect performance.
Could I change the files in the installer to get it to boot using a firewire cable? I know that is a bit faster...and if anyone knows how to do this that would be greatly appreciated.