Windows 7 Windows 7 on Sony VAIO Z11XN


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May 28, 2009
Hi all,

hope you can help me out with this one:
installed the 32bit version of Windows 7 RC (build 7100)
since I did that my FN key functions are no longer working
I downloaded the initial drivers again but that didn't help
some of the drivers like SPIC wouldn't install ...
Anybody of you have the same problem?
I've tried every build of the sony control software.
This includes installing the sony dll files, event service, etc.
No go.

This worked in early builds of Win7, before they updated UAC.
(And yes, I've tried elevated install, setting compatibility to WinXP sp3 or vista, etc).

If anyone finds a solution to get the FN keys working on a Vaio, PLEASE post.

I dont not know what you tell you. I did that on my TT and it working pretty much perfect.
I installed Win7 on a NR series machine and had some issues too.....the way i understood it...u need to install all the main motherboard drivers and shared Library etc before installing the Notebook utilities....

I found that installing the utilities without the other drivers being installed creates havcok and it wont even recognize the battery as compatible.

I got all the FN functions and batteries working fine i guess the order of installation is key!!!
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