Windows 7 Windows 7 Problem. Help Please.

I installed windows 7 Pro X64 Bit version without a single problem at all but 1 thing has stopping or I may be doing it wrong so I thought I would ask here.

When I have a window open and it is a small window I used to be able to shake it and the wondow would get bigger.

Well when I first used windows 7 that worked really good then 1 day I thought I would try it again but now the window will not get bigger or samller like it used to.

I may have that option turned off or I just might not be using it the right way. Anyway how do I turn this option back on again to get it to work again?

Thanks Guys.


I see your fix that i can download and do it that way. From what I have read that is the way to Dis-able the areo shake.

I must have missed something I guess. This tells me how to dis-able it. Mine is already not working so I want to know how to turn it back on again.



I also seen that if you dis-able it it works and if you enable it it turns it off. I went and turned it on and off and it will not work no matter if i have it disabled or enabled.

I tried it both ways and it won't work either way. Don't know aht the problem is I guess. I'm pretty sure it's not my Video Card because it is a EVGA 8800GTS 640 on board and it will work with directx 10 or 11 or what ever it is nowa

so I guess I'm stuck without it I guess. I guess I just don't know how to do it right I guess. Well maybe someday I'll find out how to do it right.

Later and thanks anyway guys.


you can always try a 7 repair install fom CD to restore functionality if it does not work as expected

No thats ok. Just another problem with windows that should be an easy fix and won't work anymore because I have no Idea why again.

I just hope no one has the luck as I do. Like I have heard it before. I have to have bad luck to have any luck at all.

Thanks anyway.


Hi mmmikezd,

it has never been that way, i guess you are confused.

this is how it works ;

if you shake the window the rest of the open windows will auto hide except the active window that you are shaking this is called aero shake

and if you click and drag the window which is in small size to the top of your screen it will maximize, if you drag the window to the extreme left or right of your monitor it will take the size of half of your screen, you can also use the windows key plus the left , right or up key for the same this is called aero snap

I know how the areo shake is suppose to work Sir.

I can shake it, take it to the op of the screen or to the side of the screen and it DOES NOTHING AT ALL ANYMORE. It worked when I first Installed WIndows 7 X64 Bit.

I did a few of the suggestions a few has told me to do and it still doesn't work AT ALL. I would be willing to try a few ore things to try to fix the problem other than re-installing windows again.

One would think it would be an easy fix but not in this case I guess. Should be as simple as turning something on or off but I tried to do the Downloadable fix I seen.

It does a registry fix. It says it did it but when I try to shake it it still doesn't work. Thanks anyway. I also understand that if you disable it it should work again but it just won't do it for soem reason.

Here is what my computer has so there isn't anymore questions.

1. Windows 7 X64 Version.
2. Gigabyte Motherboard.
3. Intel Core 2 Quad CPU.
4. 8 Gig Of high speed ram.
5. 2 Terabytes of hard drive space (raided)
6. EVGA 8800 GTS 640 On Board Ram Video Card.
7. 800 Watt Power Supply.

This system should have no problem running ANY software or ANY game on the Market.

Like I said Before. Should be an easy fix but not in this case. I'm sure it is just something that has to be set and it'll probable work again. Just don't know what has to be done to get it to work again.



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what pcs3657 describes is exactly how I see it here - at least that confirms the 7 default behaviour. Maybe there are more Aero Shake features that can be enabled? I got no clue as I never used that

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