Windows 7 Windows 7 RC X64 only syncs @ 59 hz, not 60 hz on 24" LG monitor

Crabby Guy

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With either a 9400 or 9500 video card and Nvidia's latest driver for this OS, Windows 7 RC X64 refuses to synch @ 60 hz, but keeps going back to 59 hz. Is this a bug and is there a workaround, please? 24" LG Monitor unusuable with HDMI but works with VGA.
Yeah, it happens sometimes when OS/Video Card don't fully reconize your monitor. To fix this, go on google, write your monitor's model on it (somewhere around your screen, probably on one of the two top corner) + drivers. (e.g. LM220WE1 driver) than try to find one driver (I didn't try to find yours because first I didn't have your monitor's model and second : because LG's website doesn't help at all).

It happened to me like 1 year ago, I just downloaded the driver than I was able to put it to 85hz, but of course, I just wanted 60hz :p and it helped too for a dual-screen configuration.

Hope it helps!

(P.S. the driver takes like 0.5 or 1 second to install, so don't think something went wrong)