Windows 7 shuts down on it's own - Event Viewer info.

Hi, Windows 7 (32 bit) shut down and restarted on it's own 2 days ago and then completely shut down on it's own when I stepped away from my laptop the next day and again last night while I was asleep. Sorry, I'm not a programmer and am not sure what info. you may need to analyze this situation but here is what was in the Event Viewer, the first day this happened, under Summary of Admin. Events:

Event Type Event ID Source Log Last hr 24 hrs 7 days

Bonjour Svc App. 107 640
8200 Security-SPP App. 1 1
8208 Security-SPP App. 1 1
10000 Distributed COM Sys. 2 5

1 RTL8167 Sys. 1 2 9
16 Windows Update Client Sys. 1 1
1014 DNS Client Events Sys. 2 14
4001 WLAN-AutoConfig Sys. 1 2 8

Audit Failure 6281 MS Windows Security Audit Security 2 25 100

The temperature info. is:

Processor Info:
Model: Mobile Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (Merom-2M)
Platform: Socket P (mFCPGA-478)
Frequency: 797.98MHz (99.75 x 8.0)
VID: 0.9000v
Revision: MO Lithography: 65nm

Processor#0: Temperature Readings
Tj. Max: 100C Low High
Core #0: 43C 42C 54C
Core #1: 43C 42C 52C

Thanks ahead of time.

Joe S

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Do a search I think Bonjour is a known trouble maker. What to you have for antivirus an security software?

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