Windows 7 very slow and need help to free up space.

Hi all,

I have a MacBook Pro with Bootcamp, on which I am running Windows 7. I've had it since 2011 and think the system has accumulated a lot of junk over the years. My question is this:

I have very little installed on my hard drive but the memory is nearly full and my laptop is being VERY slow. How can I free up the memory of all the junk and speed my system up? I've done all the normal things but the problem is still there and frustrating me. I've even tried 'pagefile.sys'. But don't really know what I'm doing with that. A friend suggested 'Treesize' too, but again not sure what I'm doing with it either. I've even tried reinstalling Windows but a it won't let me, an error message, I can't remember the error number, appears.

Please help!


I'm no expert in MacBooks or iMacs (Windows user ftw), but first things first.

Have you tried installing CCleaner and cleaning up any junk left over? You can get it on OS X and Windows.

Have you got any files on there taking a lot of space? Consider backing them up somewhere secure to relclam space.

Try defragging the hard drive. Sometimes, no matter how much junk you clean, the hard drive will still run slowly. Defragging it should work.

Or if all else fails, do a complete reinstallation of Windows 7 and/or OS X

You can also try Revo Uninstaller Pro. It has alot of useful tools to clean up your HDD. You can download a free trial for 30 days.

Revo Uninstaller

Worth noting that you need free space to defragment. So leave it to when you're done freeing space. In doubt check the help on Ultradefrag website.

Seriously, take a whole day or more if necessary to go over your computer deleting EVERYTHING you don't need, doesn't matter if it's 1GB or 1mb. At least you will be more organized, and at max, if you spend time enough, you will clean up significant space.

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