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Windows 7 is widely being reported as including a Windows XP virtual machine to help with running legacy applications. What I would like to know is what happens if you are running the 64-bit version of Windows 7??

If it then uses a Windows XP x64 bit virtual machine, then it would be pretty useless at running legacy applications, it really does need to run the 32-bit Windows XP version. But what would happen with drivers in that situation, would you need to install both 64-bit and 32-bit drivers??

I am interested in this because I have just one (very important) program, my accounts package, which will not run in either XP x64, Vista x64 or Windows 7 x64. I have to keep one very old computer running with XP x32 just for this program and I would dearly love to scrap it as it just takes up space.
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Running a 32 bit GUEST OS (such as XP) presents No problems when run on a 64 BIT HOST OS. All your 32 bit legacy apps should run fine with the exception of some very hardware specific items like TV tuners. Typical legacy gear like scanners and printers -- no problem as COM ports, SERIAL PORTS and USB ports are easily handled in the "Virtual BIOS". Typical "Officy" legacy apps will run fine

Here's an example running a MUST HAVE program in a lot of workplaces -- a SAPGUI (front end to corporate SAP systems -- ERP / CRM type software) which doesn't run at all on 64 bit OS'es (or even W7 at all at the moment).

Actually There's an interesting take on this

If your (REAL) hardware includes the VT feature in the CPU provided it can be enabled by the BIOS (some Bios'es can't do this even though the CPU does actually have the feature) you can actually run a 64 bit GUEST machine under a 32 Bit HOST OS like windows XP.

However because your HOST will only see the max RAM that a 32 bit OS can see (4 GB) the max RAM your 64 Bit guest will be able to use will be around 3.2GB) However good for testing to see of your "normal type apps" will work on W7 x-64 even if you only have XP.

Enclose 2 images

1) W7 X-64 VM running on Windows XP Pro host

2) Typical XP PRO VM with SAP GUI etc running on W7 X-64 Host.

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