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Windows 7 Windows 7 won't have compatability issues


Senior Member
May 7, 2007
From wikipedia:

You've let us know you don't want to face the kinds of incompatibility challenges with the next version of Windows you might have experienced early with Windows Vista. As a result, our approach with Windows 7 is to build off the same core architecture as Windows Vista so the investments you and our partners have made in Windows Vista will continue to pay off with Windows 7. Our goal is to ensure the migration process from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is straightforward.

Windows 7 will be a universal operating system with its much improved compatibility wizard.
^^^ WTF does that even mean? It makes no sense.

Windows 7 will be backwards compatible with Vista's add-ons and drivers, due to their close code base and driver models. That's why we're less likely to have compatibility issues.

It's not a 'Universal Operating System" or it would incorporate parts of Linux, BeOS, OSX, Unix and other OS' in order to be fully compatible with programs from each. This is currently near impossible, so those words are yet to have meaning and don't apply in this case.
Obviously i was talking about universally supporting different drivers not about incorporating different operating systems into it. Yes i agree that the most significant thing is that they built off of the core architecture of vista, but my point is that With my vista ultimate sp1 the compatibility wizard did not work for several of the older games like diablo that i liked to play. I tried to install Diablo in windows 7 with the compatibility of windows 2000 and it worked like a charm. Please stop trying to criticize someone until you understand the full meaning of what they are saying. Ask for their interpretation first.
If I have to ask, you weren't clear enough. Sorry I didn't interpret correctly with the information I was given, I have a lot going on at one time and can't always make the right assumptions given the limited information I have,

Anyways, I heard that MS was thinking of virtualizing a small amount of 9x code in order to maintain compatibility without causing any security or stability issues within the OS. This is just a rumor at this time, but I could see it being possible as I know developers have been doing it with older OS', and even Linux.
I had heard rumors of this from a professor at a local college in illinois. It sounds like there might be a lot of security issues with this in my opinion unless they create it correctly the first time. (Which Microsoft seems to not do well). Going back to code that was around when I was eight can be challenging but is a very smart idea on microsofts part. Why shouldnt windows 7 be able to play a computer game built for windows 95?

If you absolutely have to play a windows 95/98 game why wouldn't you just do it in a virtual machine? - It is free. One of the excellent things MS has.
Lets see here Run it natively in Windows 7 or Install Virtual PC, Create a VHD, and Play it on Windows 95 slowly within the Virtual PC. Thats a tough one.
I think I'd simply ditch the game if Windows 7 refused to play it. If it wouldn't run natively in Windows 7 then it wouldn't be worth playing ;)