Windows 7 Windows 7 won't load.


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Jan 13, 2009
I booted up the .iso DVD that I have and notcied that Windows 7 automatically moved itself to the D:\ drive. It will not run at all. When I press F1 to boot the hard drive, they keyboard stops working. If I delete the partition does it keep the 1st one with Windows XP or does the Windows.old folder still exist? Plus what does it mean when Windows XP is in NTFS? How do I change that, is that gonna be a problem if I remove the Windows 7 partition?
The same thing happened to me. I can't load it and the repair disks, driver disk and recovery disk that is used to fix windows won't work to recover it. I noticed it is also located now on drive D: I don't have the original windows 7 disk because it was preloaded on the computer. All I have is the disks that you are supposed to burn in case windows stops working. Its my work computer and all my files were on it. I need a solution before I go to a repair shop.
Explain more in detail. If you can't even boot and keyboard stops working, how do you know that Windows got moved to D:? Are you able to boot into safe mode? When you write "I booted up the .iso DVD that I have" Why were you booting from a disk in the first place? Did you have other problems prior to this one?

What Motherboard do you have? Does F8 give you a boot option menu? Did you change anything in your Bios?

Read this:
Windows 7 won't boot up after update
It's not exactly your problem but might give ideas to try until you post some more information so we can help.
THanks for the help everyone. My heard drive burned out. Its funny how we bought two new computers and within three to four months of use the hard drives went on both of them. We have a lot of protection on the computers and no viruses have ever been detected.

For future reference to those who may be wondering. I was able to boot up to a screen that said " repair windows 7" or " start windows normally". I was able to use F2 to get into setup where the F12 option was never enabled on my system. I enabled it and attempted repairs from there. It was a 500 GB drive.

I finally gave up and took it to a repair shop where he did tell me the drive was gone. He is putting in a 350GB Toshiba hard drive because it was going to take forever to get a new hard drive up from Toronto. We live in the far north.

So that ended up being my issue. Thanks again
Well that's what warranties are for... for that one of a thousand HDD that will be defected from the manufacture. Glad it worked out. Don't let him charge you for the exchange!! :)
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