Windows 7 X-64 build 7048 - Expiry in Aug OK Ignore the July expiry popup screen

Hi Guys
I've just finished testing the Date expiration facilitgy on build 7048 -- although the popup screen says Expiry in July 2009 it actually REALLY expires on 1st Aug. You can see that by using the slmgr command (Software licensing).

I tested it by changing the BIOS date and then booting. (Take an Image before you do this as it won't work afterwards without a lot of hassle merely by re-setting the Bios date again). Note you need to set the BIOS (computer date) and not the date after Windows has booted up -- and also to avoid any "Automatic date detection programs" don't connect to the Internet while you do the test.

To check when your copy REALLY expires do (in elevated mode) slmgr -xpr.


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