Windows 7's latest fan: Linus Torvalds

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    Windows 7's latest fan: Linus Torvalds | Tech Broiler |

    Linus Torvalds, pictured at an unidentified Yodobashi store in Tokyo, Japan. Source: Chris Schlaeger (click to enlarge)

    I was determined to not write about Windows 7 today, because any analysis I wrote would get buried in all the other news. I was going to wait to deliver my “last wordâ€Â￾ sometime next week. But then a co-worker emailed me the photo above, clearly of Linus Torvalds at the software counter at Yodobashi, a Japanese consumer electronics store in Tokyo in front of a huge display of Windows 7 boxes, giving it the international sign of recognition: Thumbs Up. I HAD to post that.
    Of course, if you happen to be Japanese, the custom is to make the “Vâ€Â￾ sign rather than a “Thumbs Upâ€Â￾ when you are being photographed, but I won’t criticize Linus for his trivial knowledge gap.

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