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Windows 8 Windows 8 "Messages"-app doesn't work properly

Sep 8, 2012
Hey, guys.

I really like Windows 8, but I have a problem with the app that controls messages. It's linked with Facebook, so whenever one of my friends is messaging me, I'm can answer from the app. Pretty smart, I think.

However, I have a problem. I have to friends with same name and last name.
My problem:
Friend number 1 is chatting with me.
Friend number 2's profile picture appear in the app.
Sometime friend number 2 recieves the message I'm sending to friend number 1.

Another problem is that the app doesn't seem to figure out if I already read the message on Facebook.

Is there a fix for my problems?
Which version of Win 8 do you have? How did you install it? In my experience with Win 8 and answering questions here and 2 other forums, it appears most of these weird problems are cause by corrupted installations. I would start over and download the ISO file again, slow burn it to a new DVD, and Custom Install Win 8 again.
Couldn't it be because Windows 8 doesn't use middle-name in the app? On Facebook they have different middlenames, but the middle-name won't show up in the app.
I use Windows 8 Professional. More info of my specs can be found here.
some times i get the same thing , if u get a bar go across ur screen there should be a option saying more info click that then click run any way or maybe u need to update ur net framework to v3.5 or v4.0
What bar are you talking about? I'm almost entirely sure that it's not caused by .NET Framework. It has to do with some setting or maybe it's just a bug.
I've just reinstalled as you suggested, Medicted60. Now it's not sending messages to both of the persons, but I can only fint one of them in the "Persons"-app. It doesn't matter that much because I'm not chatting with the one that I can not find.

The "Messages"-app still can't figure out to sync completely. If I read a message on Facebook, it doesn't show up as "read" in the app. Any clues why?