Windows 8 Windows 8 "Messages"-app doesn't work properly

Hey, guys.

I really like Windows 8, but I have a problem with the app that controls messages. It's linked with Facebook, so whenever one of my friends is messaging me, I'm can answer from the app. Pretty smart, I think.

However, I have a problem. I have to friends with same name and last name.
My problem:
Friend number 1 is chatting with me.
Friend number 2's profile picture appear in the app.
Sometime friend number 2 recieves the message I'm sending to friend number 1.

Another problem is that the app doesn't seem to figure out if I already read the message on Facebook.

Is there a fix for my problems?


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Which version of Win 8 do you have? How did you install it? In my experience with Win 8 and answering questions here and 2 other forums, it appears most of these weird problems are cause by corrupted installations. I would start over and download the ISO file again, slow burn it to a new DVD, and Custom Install Win 8 again.
Couldn't it be because Windows 8 doesn't use middle-name in the app? On Facebook they have different middlenames, but the middle-name won't show up in the app.
I use Windows 8 Professional. More info of my specs can be found here.

Matthew Davison

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some times i get the same thing , if u get a bar go across ur screen there should be a option saying more info click that then click run any way or maybe u need to update ur net framework to v3.5 or v4.0
I've just reinstalled as you suggested, Medicted60. Now it's not sending messages to both of the persons, but I can only fint one of them in the "Persons"-app. It doesn't matter that much because I'm not chatting with the one that I can not find.

The "Messages"-app still can't figure out to sync completely. If I read a message on Facebook, it doesn't show up as "read" in the app. Any clues why?