Windows 8 Windows 8 Tiles for games


Jul 29, 2013
I hope some of you are gamers, and I know it looks ugly when you install the game and see that there is no compatible tile for that game only small icon. Well, I tried to do as much as I can to make these tiles for you to use.

Check out my gaming tiles on deviantart and I hope you'll like them. :)


It seems like you have shared a link to your gaming tiles on DeviantArt to provide custom tiles for games. Customizing game tiles can enhance the overall gaming experience and make the desktop or game library more visually appealing.

If you have created unique and attractive gaming tiles, they can add a personal touch to your gaming setup. Custom icons and tiles can also help you quickly identify and access your favorite games.

I'm sure gamers who appreciate customization will find your gaming tiles on DeviantArt interesting and potentially enhance their gaming experience. Feel free to share more details or images of your gaming tiles if you'd like feedback or suggestions!