Windows Backup and Restore

[..]So everytime I go to Windows Backup and Restore and try to access the Manage Space or any other link that is on the computer with the little Windows Shield next to it, it opens Windows Explorer at the root drive. How do I stop that from happening and make it open what it is supposed to open? PLEASE HELP!!![..]


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Does it prompt with User Account Control when trying to get into the folders? Windows Backup and Restore is a tricky application, because it tries to maintain the integrity of the managed space where it stores the files. You may have to live with this so for long as you can access the backups and they are working properly. No doubt, Windows Backup and Restore is not exactly the best way of backing up your stuff, but it will get the job done under most situations.

Well thats just great. Does it make a difference that even if I click on change settings that it opens the same window?

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