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Just purchased Windows blinds , Always thought "Stardock" made junk but am very impressed with skin studio 7 . Its almost perfect ....but not 100 %.

Ok , my question is ....

Can i start changing .dlls like you can do normally when creating a VS ( visual style.) I'm under the impression that windows blinds masks the GUI and apparently it will not alter any system files. just covers it up , if you will.

Sure i can start swapping stuff about .....but to be honest i thought id ask here before i start wrecking my system :D

Just for reference here is some stuff i want to change :

volume.JPGclock.JPGcontrol panel whiteness.JPG

Want to change the "white areas " . I know what dynamic link library they all belong to ....will it work in WBlindss is the question ?


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The point of the software is to allow you to create or load a theme package that doesn't require you to swap DLLs around. Doing so kind of defeats the purpose of the software. There must be some other way to do it. I would not recommend making DLL modifications. I haven't used the software in awhile. I loved Fences in ObjectDesktop and the concept of it, but found it corrupted my icon cache after too many Windows Updates. Any way, proceed with caution!! :) System integrity alterations can cause major problems with future operating system upgrades. Besides, you just purchased this software to avoid that type of thing! I think the StarDock Forums would be more helpful in this area, since I don't have the expertise to do full theme creation with the software. But I do know from experience that they don't expect you to swap DLLs around. You can successfully create a really nice looking theme and upload it to WinCustomize, even going so far as charging for it, using their platform. This conventionally involves no changes to system files whatsoever on your part.

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I use most of the Programs Stardock has, I use SKS 7 to take Png, Jpg, and Bmp files modify them or take them from one blind and import them into another blind because I like that feature, you can do a lot of snipping and sniping use Windows Blind's in conjunction with Skin Studio 7 to create something that is truly unique for you desktop