Windows Dynamic Volume FAILED on import

Sorry for the long post :(

I have 7 hard disks, all SATA
3 - are a hardware based raid 5 array
4 - are a raid-5 dynamic volume.
All disks are intact no damage.
Dynamic volume was used 2 hours ago, no issue

I wanted to load windows 7 on it to see how it would perform on this machine.
So physically unplugged my SATA card and hooked up an IDE drive. 7 is working great.
I plug my SATA card in again power up, boot into windows 7.
Load my sata driver, reboot.
Raid controller says all disks are fine and my hardware based raid-5 volume is intact.
I get back into windows it shows all my disks and hardware volume, and they're online

So I import the foreign disks, windows says no problem and just does it.
Dynamic volume status goes to failed.... :confused::mad:

So okay, I look at my disk status again but all are online, and all disks were present for the import.
I try to reactivate the disks, which is pointless really since they're already online but what the hell.
No change..reboot change

I rip out the ide drive, and xp boots again from my hardware based array.
Now because of windows 7 my dynamic volume is foreign to XP.
I click import and XP tells me one or more disks are missing and import could result in data loss.
So I stopped there.

But when I click disks on the import screen it shows all disks present.
And in disk management those disks are online.
So I'm not sure what the hell to do.
Should I just try importing them into XP anyway?

Ya know it would be nice if windows gave a little more info.
"Failed" isn't a whole lot of help when troubleshooting, and the event viewer has no useful errors to report.
I've been running 7100 on my laptop since it was released, still am with no problems.
This is 7600 that Iloaded on this other machine, the build that microsoft has has on the production line...
It's nice to know how well it works....

Anyway Please Help!!



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thank you very too much.

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