Windows Mail data files?

I regularly activate Windows Mail on Win-7 for myself and my customers who are used to Outlook Express 6 and like it.

I know how to migrate the address book from OE6 to Windows Mail but I can't seem to find the actual EMail folders
in Win-7, Windows Mail.
In OE6 they are *.dbx files and are easy to find, copy and migrate to the new PC.

Now I have a friend who is running Vista with Windows Mail but he hates Vista and wants me to install Windows 7 for him.
I have no problem activating Windows Mail in Win-7, but he'll want his old email folders and I don't know how and where
to find them. ???

Anyone know where and how Windows Mail stores its eMail folders? (Inbox, sent items, OutBox, Deleted Items, etc.)
I've done a search in Win-7 for *.dbx files and found nothing.

Help! Help! Help!

Old Timer :cool2:

After some Googling and some poking around, I finally found those elusive saved email files.

Case Closed!

The location = C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders\ then your email files.

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