Windows media player won't play anything

I've copied all my video media from my other computer onto my laptop on which i just installed windows vista, and now nothing plays. My laptop is about a month old and has the vista capable logo, and when every i click on a video to play the screen flashes between the different resolutions, and then goes to the next video and does the same thing. When i try to play through media centre, it tells me to re install windows media player 11, but i'm not sure where i would go to do that?

i think the problem is i installed the 64 bit version
i'm gonna try to do the 32 instead and hope most of my drivers work with that

Look at your Codecs

Vista and MCE, as well as the WMP11, have an issue with codecs. Primarily, few are installed. And good luck if you want to play DivX or Xvid.
There is a fix thought, get FFDShow Codec pack from SourceForge.
don't bother with KLite, or AllIN1, because they will cause you more problems. Most of thier codecs are out dated, and half of them, in my experience, ar corrupt.
FFD merges with WMP11 and MCE, and will play most movie types.
If you ahve the wrong codec pack you will have a couple issues, Run32 DLL will halt so will Com Surrogate when you open your media file. It will cause MCE to lock and shut fdown as well.

Hope this helps

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