Windows 8 Windows Store Game : Space Shooterz XY

Julien Noble

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Firstly, let me introduce myself. I'm Julien Noble, french indie game dev working on small games for everyone. I've been working recently on a Windows Store game called Space Shooterz XY. It's an infinite arcade shooter where you aim to get the best score online! 8bit graphics and music included, xbox pad, touch and mappable keyboard controls too! And all that for free!

Try it here : Application Space Shooterz XY pour Windows dans Windows Store

ARM version coming soon, with ship upgrades and skins, still for free!

Thank you for your time, and should you have any remarks or stuff you'd like implemented, I will gladly listen to every idea!

Julien Noble
though I've not got it well and going to see it through the link here and will definitely post if there is any suggestion is required from me to be installed to your game ..