Windows Vista Boot Disk Failure


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I recently started my PC when I got back from holiday, it started the boot but before it got to the green loading bar for vista it just hung on a black screen. I then tried booting from the Vista Disk, this loaded and brought up the loading Windows Resources Bar, this bar filled but then hung on this screen.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Computer is
XFX 780i MB
GeForce 8800GTX


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Strange this problem has appeared out of the blue...Has anyone been using it while you've been away? You don't say what connection your using but if on dial up and the modem has been left plugged into the phone socket then storm/electrical damage can cause problems..


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The computer is connected via wifi and the plug socket is surge protected. However I now seem to have solved the problem by unpluging the power supply and leaving it overnight, this allowed the boot disk to load and me to repair windows.

Thanks for your help.