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How in the Hell does Disk 1 Through 10 For Back-Up files have the same information from Disk 1 Through 10? Now it also has this information embedded on it saying "these files on disk 4" from Disk 1 Through 10 from the Back-Up Disks that I made. Now what the F--- is Going on with Windows Vista's Back-up File Program?!.........;):eek::(:confused:


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Maybe you didn't do it right!! HA!!HA!! Maybe there's not so much on your computer, it just keeps copying and copying over and over------:p



To Celestra,

Thank You for your 2 Cents and a Bag of Potatoe Chips. Now how do you feel about your Back-Up files Now............. Cause you're about to have it yourself one of these days1


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Hi!! Actually, I can't find my partition, or rather HP can't find it. They told me to call them after a health scan, they have some recovery disks for me. I said I keep getting a warning light that the recovery disk is almost full. I scanned, and it was empty. Couldn't find the partition, so out of desperation I reconfigured the device. Which worked, but apparently the partition is still hidden. I'm waiting to see what these disks are about, I really don't think I seeped over the partition. I think there might be a defect perhaps.....I'm sorry about poking fun, kind of..

Heads Up Celestra,

This may seem odd to you, but the partition or sector of the hard-drive is in protection mode so that way you can not erase it & and it has to be at hp on their server units because I fully check my own Laptop/Notebook for the same issue, minus the redoing of the hard-drive. It's the same way like Symantec storing your information in a storage vault (in another Hard-drive), you know like the Nis (norton Internet Security/Anti-virus). This is why you can not find it. Hopefully that this information is good to your comprehension of your carnal knowledge to keep as reference.


Hi Celestra

I had some fun with partitions on the hard disk of my last rig. I got so fed up with trying to resize them after a dual-boot that I tried a trial version of Paragon Partition Manager. It was well worthwhile as I got them sorted out pronto!!!!!!
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